Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Through My Eyes - Jordan Eismont

Born in Tarrytown, New York, Jordan has been showing since 1998 in various venues in Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he studied painting and fashion design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunst; in New Hampshire, where he attended both primary and secondary school; and in Los Angeles, where he studied garment design at FIDM and now resides.

The inspiration for Jordan’s featured artwork comes from great painters of the cubism era, Picasso, Miro, DeGas, Cezanne, Mattisse, and many others. Jordan’s approach to his art is one of exploration. He is always trying to adopt ideas used by the other artists and incorporates them into his own.

As a recent graduate Jordan has been exploring his ideas through the fashion world and finding ways to incorporate his artwork into his clothing designs. Creating a wonderful fusion of art and fashion. Jordan feels as though fashion today is defined by ones uniqueness, and that art should play a large role in the style of the person.

Jordan wants to continue with his career in art as well as express his talent in fashion.

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