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Under the Smoke of

Recent interview with Lenny, the man behind

DVC: So Lenny, tell me about how came to be besides what is written from your about page.

HMJ: Ok. I don't know what is even in my about me page and I am actually too stoned right now to check so I'll just give you the rundown.  The slogan is actually true. When I started blogging it was actually meant to be a sports website and it was one by the name of I didn't like that name and even though I had built that site up, I switched it to  Of course the idea for the name HailMaryJane came while stoned and trying to come up with a name that would encompass sports, hip hop, and urban culture.  Weed just happened to come along with that.

DVC: Had your audience changed in any way because of the shift in content?

HMJ: Some people stuck around. Some people didn't. Overall the site grew way more because of its unique niche.

DVC: Recently New Jersey just recently passed a medical marijuana law this past January. What are your feelings about his new law?

HMJ: Well being that I am a resident of New Jersey and a huge marijuana fan I am excited about it.  I will be looking into the possibility of opening up a dispensary in the future. The laws are going to be really tough though so in order to become a patient, you have to have a disease that you don't want to have. We are making progress but still have a long way to go.

DVC: Do you think the "loose laws" in California could lead to abuse if another state, such as New Jersey?

HMJ: I don't think that loose laws cause abuse. I feel like if weed was legal, it would be no big deal. The people who already smoke or who are curious would do it and those who aren't wouldn't. The way it's set up now, is more likely to cause abuse though because it's so easy to access for everyone including minors. If it's not regulated then anyone can get it.

DVC: On your site you feature hot women of the Internet. Who stood out the most for the month of January?

HMJ: You're making me pick just in the month on January? Still a tough choice but I'm gonna have to take Rosa Acosta. She is the sexiest woman on the planet right now...until the next sexiest woman on the planet comes along.

DVC: What inspired the Mary Jane of the Moment feature on your site?

HMJ: Everyone loves girls. Everyone loves weed and I find dozens of pictures of girls smoking weed on the net everyday so I decided to just make it a regular thing. Now I don't even had to look. Girls send me pics in my email (thanks ladies) and that has become one of the more popular sections on the site.

DVC: I know you've seen allot of movie about marijuana. Is there one particular movie that is timeless to you and why?

HMJ: Up In Smoke with Cheech and Chong. It changed stoner cinema forever.

DVC: Daily Joint is a musical tribute on your site to musicians that have marijuana themed songs. What's your favorite song that you have featured on HMJ this early in the year?

HMJ: Well that feature actually started out as a part of the Daily Tokes, then expanded to the stoner song of the week (which we still do) and now we have daily songs featured.  My favorite though? I don't even do them anymore, my writers do but I would say mine has to be Afroman "Because I Got High."  I know that is cliche but I love that song and of course it influenced the tagline of the site.

DVC: Last but not least, you have another feature on your site called the 4:20 Flick. Explain the feature to our audience.

HMJ: The 4:20 Flicks are funny videos that you can blaze and laugh at everyday at 4:20 pm east coast time.  That feature was really inspired by twitter actually.  When I first got on Twitter, it was a daily ritual for me, @High_Times_Mag and @B_Real420 to shout out 4:20 in our areas and so I decided that there has to be some way that I can shout out 4:20 in a cool way everyday on the blog.  That was what I came up with (after blazing of course)

DVC: Already two months in the new year, what's new for HMJ in 2010?

HMJ: We have new writers, new views, lots of contests and lots of surprises.  I don't want to give too much away so you will just have to stay tuned.

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