Monday, May 10, 2010


Came across an article online from Complex Magazine, the Top 25 Japanese Creatives You Need to Know. One artists peaked my interest, Nobuyoshi Araki. He is considered one of the most prolific artists alive or dead in Japan. Araki has published 350 books and are erotic in nature, some say pornographic. Which ever you lean towards does not deny his talent and genius. Arakimentari is a documentary fimed in 2005 by Travis Klose about the life and work of Nobuyoshi Araki. In an article back in 2006 by C.B. Liddell for the Japan Times, Araki explains his philosophy of photography that is very easily relatable at any level.

"What's important in my work is always the relationship between me and the object -- it's a kind of love story. I don't concern myself with why a relationship starts or where it goes. The most important thing is just the relationship between the two of us at that moment. This world becomes our world."
- Nobuyoshi Araki

NOBUYOSHI ARAKI: Intimate photography: Tokyo, nostalgia and sex by C.B. Liddell

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